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Causes We Support

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) operates on a cause-neutral basis and supports a wide range of community needs. Leveraging our extensive experience and robust connections with the government and non-profit organisations, we identify and promote effective programmes that support valuable causes and strengthen our society. 

Our causes are aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework to provide a broad array of opportunities for donors to integrate their philanthropy and ESG efforts. 

Based on our thorough assessment of community needs, we have identified 13 outcome-centred causes for our grantmaking efforts. This strategic approach ensures that our philanthropic endeavours yield meaningful results for the environment and the community.  

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Our five charitable areas of focus for grantmaking are

Accessing Quality Education

Ensuring everyone has access to education and the support to thrive academically. Beyond financial support, this includes conducive environments, proper nutrition, tuition and the teaching of essential soft skills.

Improving Employability

Assisting individuals in becoming independent and contributing members of society through sustainable employment by offering training, job matching and coaching.

Mental Well-being

Supporting the mental well-being of individuals to effectively navigate life's challenges. This includes education, research, resilience building and rehabilitation efforts.

Ageing Well

Empowering seniors to age actively, thrive and preserve their quality of life through initiatives that allow for aging-in-place, adapting to societal changes and intergenerational bonding.

Climate And Environment

Fostering a sustainable existence for all life through education, research and the implementation of solutions that alleviate or mitigate impacts of climate change or improve our climate.
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Animal Welfare

Promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and animals through education, outreach and the humane management of wild, stray and domesticated animal populations.

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Arts And Heritage

Fostering appreciation for our culture, history and societal values while nurturing local artistic talent through outreach, education and practice.

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Caregiver Support

Equipping informal and professional caregivers with the resources, training, respite services and support network required to ensure that they can effectively care for their recipients.

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Direct Aid

Ensuring that all individuals have the basic means to survive through the provisioning of monetary assistance, nutritious food and safe shelter.

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Inclusivity And Integration

Fostering an inclusive society by integrating marginalised, disadvantaged, and vulnerable individuals as valued equals within the broader community.

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Leaving With Dignity

Providing palliative care services to ensure individuals in their final days receive high quality end-of-life care and maintain a level of dignity.

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Promoting Healthcare

Promoting a healthier nation through affordable treatment options, education, research, preventative and rehabilitative efforts.

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Nurturing sporting talents and supporting organisations that encourage participation in sports as a means to cultivate a healthier nation.

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