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As Singapore’s first community foundation, the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is the expert in Singapore’s giving landscape. We understand that philanthropy is deeply personal. It reflects your values and your desire to effect meaningful change. 

That is why we provide extensive resources to support you in achieving your charitable goals. We connect you with charities and impactful programmes. Our in-house specialists manage your donor-advised fund with strict governance standards to keep your donation safe. Partner with us today to leave a positive mark on our community. 

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Tax Deduction On Donations^
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*The time needed to set up a donor-advised fund after your deed of gift is signed. 

^Tax deduction applies to eligible donations into your donor-advised fund, subject to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) regulations. The donations must be made before the year ends in December for the tax deduction to be allowed in the next tax season 

Above figures are updated as of 2022.

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We Offer Personalised Advice

At CFS, we understand that every donor is unique. Your dedicated philanthropy advisor will craft a customised giving plan based on your interests and objectives. We maintain a neutral stance towards charitable causes, charities and programmes, and work with an extensive network of diverse charity partners to amplify the impact of your philanthropy. 

We Manage Your Funds

We make giving simple and seamless. As Singapore’s one-stop philanthropy centre, we manage the operational, administrative, fund management and reporting aspects of your donoradvised fund. This saves you time and resources, enabling you to focus on making a positive impact. You will receive regular statements tracking your fund’s donations and disbursements to the charities you support. 

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We Safeguard Your Grants

Our grantmaking experts possess a deep understanding of critical community needs and gaps. We evaluate all charities and programmes to maintain high governance standards throughout the grantmaking process. 

We Keep You Engaged

We recognise that donors often seek to be involved directly in the causes they support. At CFS, we give you the opportunity to be hands-on with your giving. We provide various opportunities to visit the charities, understand the programmes and learn more about the local community. 

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Ways To Donate

We are dedicated to ensuring that your giving experience is deeply fulfilling. If you are new to philanthropy, we begin your donation journey by understanding your motivations and the causes that resonate with you. If you have prior donation experience, you can tap on our expertise for a strategic review of your past giving and obtain insights for the way forward. 

You may give to honour your family, values, business principles, or heritage. Your generosity may be inspired by a personal experience, a wish to create a legacy or a desire to pass on a tradition of giving. Regardless of your philanthropic motivation, we are here to guide you through your journey to make a greater impact through your donations. 

Leave A Legacy Gift

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Everyone can leave a legacy. Legacy giving enables you to make an impact on future generations far beyond your lifetime, providing sustained support to causes that are significant to you. You can set aside a donation according to your preferences, after ensuring your family’s needs are taken care of. At CFS, we are here to advise you on your legacy giving journey. 

Three Main Ways To Make A Legacy Gift

Estate Giving

Include your charitable intentions in your estate or succession plan by setting up a donor-advised fund with CFS. You can donate assets through your will or trust, CPF nomination or insurance policy beneficiaries' nomination. We will support your successors with philanthropic advice and grantmaking expertise, ensuring that your giving intentions are carried on by future generations of your family.

Memorial Giving

Honour the memory of your loved one by creating a lasting tribute to their life through the establishment of a memorial fund that supports causes closest to their heart. With CFS overseeing all aspects of the fund, you can devote your energy to giving back to the community in memory of your loved one.

Give Now, Give Later

Embark on your philanthropic journey now and pass it on to future generations to continue. Begin by establishing a donor-advised fund and supplement it later with gifts from your will or trust or by nominating CFS as a beneficiary of your CPF monies or insurance policies. Your donor-advised fund can be seamlessly handed down to your successors, enabling you to create a multi-generational legacy of doing good.

Ready to discuss legacy giving?

Empower Your Family To Give

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Giving as a family is a great way to strengthen family ties, nurture shared values and continue a tradition of generosity. It allows you to give more than you could on your own, making a bigger impact on causes and building family closeness from the shared experience. Family philanthropy brings everyone together for a greater purpose.

Give Back As A Corporate

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Many businesses, including family offices, strive to support causes aligned with their Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. We help you save on the resources needed to do this. A corporate donor-advised fund is an ideal option because CFS consolidates, reviews and strategically aligns your philanthropy with your business values. We can also work with your supported charity to provide customised reporting for major donations 

Support Your Favourite Causes

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Everyone has causes they are passionate about. Your dedicated philanthropy advisor will connect you with causes that match your giving goals. Through a donor-advised fund, you have the flexibility to support the causes and charities that matter to youwith the exception of those with political and religious affiliations. 

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