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Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability For All, For Today And Our Future

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is committed to championing social causes, supporting environmental initiatives and ensuring strong governance. Our operations are guided by an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) approach to steer us towards a sustainable future. 

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Message From Our CEO

Catherine CEO

Embracing Sustainability In Singapore

At CFS, we support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe sustainability should be a core value that guides individual, organisational and national actions to build a future where everyone can flourish.

Stepping Up As An Organisation

We lead by example, implementing social and environmental measures within our own organisation. Our aim is to minimise our environmental footprint and exhibit social responsibility towards our charity partners, staff and grantees.

More Focus On The Environment

Rising sea levels, extreme weather and pollution affect us all. With our comprehensive knowledge of environmental challenges, we look for opportunities where donors can fund sustainable solutions to address today's problems.

Meeting Community Needs

CFS identifies and meets social needs by connecting donors with charities serving the community in Singapore.

Upholding Good Governance

CFS has an Institute of Public Character (IPC) status in Singapore. We adhere to the Charity Code of Governance and all applicable laws and regulations. We exercise fiscal prudence and carefully assess the governance of the charities we work with.

Our Environmental, Social And Governance Framework

We value environmental, social and governance goals equally and this commitment guides our decision-making across all aspects of our operations.

Partnering With Donors And Charities To Enhance Giving In Singapore




Our Environmental Efforts

Coral Reefs

Green Philanthropy

We fund efforts to mitigate climate change by supporting charities and tertiary institutions that promote biodiversity conservation and sustainability.

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Going Paperless

We have replaced hard copy forms, biannual statements and documents with digital formats. We print only when necessary.

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Reduced Travel

We embrace remote working to reduce commuting and our carbon footprint. Because of our commitment, in 2022, our team of 37 CFS staff achieved a low CO2 footprint of just 3.189 tonnes*. *Source: The figure is based on the financial year ended March 2023.

Our Social Strengths

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Social Grants

CFS partners with a wide network of charities in Singapore and has a deep understanding of the needs of vulnerable communities. We connect donors with these groups and support social causes that foster inclusive communities.

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Collective Impact

We amplify the collective power of giving by spearheading collaborations and developing community impact funds with various stakeholders. Our goal is to quickly and effectively address unmet and emerging needs.

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Staff Support

From work-life balance and employee engagement to counselling and hybrid work arrangements, we invest in the welfare of our staff. We believe that happy and fulfilled employees make a passionate and driven team.

Our Governance Principles

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Accountability And Transparency

We are honoured to have received the Charity Transparency Award and the Charity Governance Award - Special Commendation for Governance and Management from the Charity Council of Singapore.

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Checks On Charities

We carefully assess and review all our charity partners and their grant applications. Your donation is safe with us.

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Donor Evaluation

To ensure the legitimacy of our donors, we conduct thorough background checks. This helps us better understand our donors and ensures that donations are obtained through lawful means.

Philanthropic Opportunities For Donors

CFS offers opportunities for donors to make a positive and lasting impact for various causes. These opportunities cover all the SDGs along the three ESG aspects: Environmental, Social and Governance. 

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