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At the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), we recognise the critical role of funding in enabling charities to achieve their social missions. We provide grants to reputable and transparent charities in Singapore through funds set up by our donors. The process of applying for charitable grants may appear daunting, but we are here to guide you through the process. Please read this page carefully before starting your application. To be eligible for a grant, charities must: 

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Does Your Programme Qualify For A Grant?

We view charity grants as investments in Singapore’s community and environment. Each grant application goes through a thorough review process to ensure they are made fairly and wisely. In addition to assessing charities, CFS conducts a comprehensive assessment of each programme before presenting it to our donors. Programmes with a two year track record or more are considered mature programmes. Those in operation for less than two years, as well as CAPEX and research projects, are classified as innovative emergent programmes and subject to a more rigorous evaluation process.  

To receive a charity grant, your programme should meet these criteria:

Focus On An Underserved Issue

  • Define target segment: Identify key demographics and psychographics (e.g. age, location and social profile) as well as outreach and selection methods.
  • Data-driven insights: Present statistics to illustrate the existing needs and gaps in the community.
  • Justification for intervention: Provide evidence that current interventions are inadequate to address identified needs.

Offer Solutions

  • Programme Model Validation: Verify the programme model through research.
  • Demonstrate Tangible Impact: Present a clear plan illustrating how programme actions will achieve intended results.
  • Mission Alignment: Ensure the programme aligns with the charity's vision and mission.
  • Risk Identification: Identify potential challenges and related mitigations associated with the programme.

Show Readiness In Programme Execution

  • Implementation Tools and Structures: Provide a comprehensive plan detailing the programme’s required resources and activities.
  • Track Record: Disclose the programme's historical performance, including both successes and failures.
  • Organisational Capability: Share evidence of the charity's capacity to effectively carry out the programme.
  • Manpower: Specify the staff expertise and costs required for programme implementation.

Demonstrate Tangible Impact

  • Outcome/Output Indicators: Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals to clearly define success.
  • Monitoring Plan: Offer a detailed strategy for tracking progress at various stages - before, during, and after programme implementation.

Maintain Financial Oversight

  • Cost Justification: Provide a clear and detailed explanation of expenses, broken down into specific line items.

Grant Types Offered

CFS offers four categories of charity grants, tailored to meet various philanthropy objectives.

Each type of grant application will undergo its own unique evaluation process.

Funding Activities For Beneficiaries And The Environment

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What Does This Cover?

Programme grants provide funding for activities that address specific community and/or environmental needs, including the manpower costs required to run them. The activities should have targeted outputs and outcomes to demonstrate efficacy. Funding is not applicable for debt financing or displacement of past grants. 


Upgrading Your Infrastructure

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What Does This Cover?

CAPEX or capital expenditure grants are for the acquisition of hardware such as buildings, plants, equipment and fixtures for new or existing facilities or the implementation of software systems that enhance the services of a charity.


Developing Your Charity’s Expertise

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What Does This Cover?

Capability development grants are used to develop the charity’s talent pool and capabilities or upgrade its strategic expertise. The objective is to improve the charity’s service standards and abilities, enabling them to provide more effective support to their beneficiaries. 


Building Knowledge

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What Does This Cover?

Research grants support studies and experiments, including data gathering from test-bedding new solutions. Research results should aim to benefit existing and future programmes, increase knowledge about social issues and shape policies and thinking.  


Your Grant Journey With Us

CFS is committed to making grants as judiciously and efficiently as possible. Prior to submitting a grant application, a charity must successfully complete our Know Your Grantee Check and sign a Grant Partnership Agreement with us. A charity grant application will typically go through these five stages: 

Grant Application

Evaluation By CFS

Grant Proposal

Grant Disbursement


Please note that the steps outlined above may not follow a sequential order. All applications are subject to CFS’s evaluation and only approved applications may be shared with donors. Grants, if given, are subject to terms and conditions. CFS reserves the right to change the grant’s criteria and terms and conditions without prior notice. Charities must be assessed by CFS and sign a Grant Partnership Agreement before the disbursement of grants. Grant recipients should inform CFS of unutilised grants after the period of intended funding. Donor’s approval is required if the funds are to be carried forward, reallocated or refunded.

Please note that submission of a grant application does not guarantee approval of your application, the development of a donor proposal or funding from our donors. CFS strives to provide donors with options that meet their charitable goals and intentions. All donors retain the final rights to determine the recommendation of grants. 

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