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As the nation’s oldest and leading community foundation, The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) was established in 2008 to advance philanthropy. We are a registered charity with Institution of a Public Character* (IPC) status and Singapore’s first provider of donor-advised funds.

As a trusted philanthropy advisor, we adopt a data-driven, evidence-based approach to assist donors in achieving their philanthropic goals. 

Our belief in the power of collaboration has led us to partner with government ministries, agencies, corporations, and over 400 charities and non-profit organisations, disbursing grants that support programmes over a diverse range of causes. 

CFS goes a step further by convening multi-sector partners through the Centre for Applied Philanthropy and through the facilitation of collectives and community impact funds. This fosters the alignment of values and the exchange of knowledge and resources to address complex social challenges. 

By enabling tangible and meaningful change, CFS aspires to instil a philanthropic culture and build a more compassionate and united society in Singapore. 

* Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) are exempt or registered charities in Singapore which are authorised to issue tax deduction receipts for qualifying donations received.

^CFS supports all causes except causes that advance or denounce politics and/or religion.
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Building A Stronger Community Together

Our Vision

Inspire giving.

Our Mission

Partnering donors and charities to enhance giving in Singapore.

Our Values

Our Story

How We Transform Donor Generosity Into Impact

Why Give With
The Community Foundation Of Singapore

Adapted with permission from the Community Foundations of Canada.

Community Knowledge

A deep understanding of local needs and opportunities.

Philanthropy Advisory

Builds on the values and vision of every donor to create an enriching journey of giving.

Effective Grant Management

A credible steward of assets, providing grant expertise and administrative support.

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