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Climate And Environment

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In a world where temperatures and sea levels are rising, our mission is clear: to protect and nurture our natural environment, combat climate change, and ensure sustainable resources for generations to come.

What You Should Know

Climate reformation is today’s most pressing global concern. Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane are at historically high levels. Temperatures and sea levels have risen at accelerated rates in the last 20 years. These have led to adverse weather and climatological conditions, resulting in biodiversity loss, crop failures and increased occurrence of natural disasters.

Singapore’s location at the equator means we will experience temperature increases more acutely, and being a small island state makes us especially vulnerable to rising sea levels. Climate change also affects critical supplies, including our food sources. 

Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 is the nation’s environmental sustainability blueprint and sets targets in five pillars. Here are some of the targets in which philanthropy can potentially play a part.

Singapore Green Plan 2030:

Singapore Green Plan 2030

City in Nature

Plant one million more trees.

Increase nature parks’ land area by over 50% from 2020 baseline.

Sustainable Living

Reduce household water consumption to 130 litres per capita per day. Reduce the amount of waste to landfill per capita per day by 30%.

Two-thirds reduction of net carbon emissions from the schools sector.

Energy Reset

Increase solar energy deployment to at least 2 GWp.

Best-in-class power generation technology that meets emission standards and reduces carbon emissions.

Green Economy

Singapore as a leading regional centre for developing new sustainability solutions.

Groom a strong pool of local enterprises to capture sustainability opportunities.

Resilient Future

30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs to be met through locally produced food by 2030.

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Critical Gaps that Remain

While the Green Plan is an important start by the government, saving our planet takes a whole-of-society effort. Individuals, schools, businesses and other organisations must play their part in combating climate change and promoting sustainable ways of living. We identified four areas in which philanthropy can promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Featured Programmes

  • The Waterways Watch Society
  • The Eco-Schools Programme by World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore

The Waterways Watch Society

The Eco-Schools Programme by World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore

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