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Drive Impact Through Collaboration

At the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), we foster collaboration among the private, public, and social sectors to pool insights and share resources to solve complex social issues and make a positive impact on our society. 

CFS takes the lead in promoting knowledge exchange and establishing a shared agenda. 

Five Essential Elements Of A Collective Social Impact Model*

* Source: Collective Impact Forum

A Common Agenda

Define the problem collectively and create a shared vision to solve it.

A Strong Backbone

Dedicate a team to align and coordinate the work of the group.

Continuous Communications

Build trust and strengthen relationships.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Integrate the different activities of participants to maximise results.

Shared Measurements

Track progress in a structured format for continuous learning and accountability.

Our Current Collectives

Collective for a Stronger Society: Uplifting Lives, Connecting Communities

The Collective for a Stronger Society is an initiative that brings philanthropists, non-profits and government agencies together in a collaborative effort to uplift, enable and empower lower-income families.

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The Growth Collective: Championing Mental Health Together

To promote mental health and well-being, we rely on advocates to champion the cause, and professionals and volunteers to deliver vital services. In 2021, we launched the Growth Collective, generously funded by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation. This alliance brings together social service agencies, social enterprises, informal groups, and education institutes. Together, we are building a network of para-professionals and skilled volunteers who will raise awareness about mental wellness and offer crucial mental health first aid within the community. 

Our Past Collectives

Singapore Youth Impact Collective: Empowering Underprivileged Youths

Our dedication to young people from underprivileged backgrounds led to the formation of the Singapore Youth Impact Collective (SYIC) in 2018. It is the first social service initiative in Singapore that takes a collaborative approach towards social impact. As the leading organisation, CFS garnered support from Changi Foundation, Credit Suisse, and Octava Foundation. Together, we ran programmes benefiting youths from SHINE Children and Youth Services and TOUCH Community Services, ensuring their successful transition from the classroom to the working world. 

Colabs: Collaborative Action And Social Impact

In 2017, we established Colabs in collaboration with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to tackle critical societal challenges related to social mobility, disabilities, and ageing. By bringing together philanthropists, businesses, non-profit organisations, and sector experts, our goal was to facilitate the exchange of insights and the design of sustainable solutions. 

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