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Collective For A Stronger Society

What Is The Collective For A Stronger Society?

Convened by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) in partnership with Community Chest, the Collective for a Stronger Society (“Collective”) is a new platform that will bring together donors, non-profits, public and private organisations to offer a coordinated series of cross-sector programmes and initiatives to uplift, enable and empower lower-income families.

It aims to raise awareness of the socio-economic challenges faced by lower-income families through informational events, foster collaboration among partners to develop comprehensive solutions, and ultimately, seek to inspire contributions of both financial and non-financial resources to address these challenges effectively.

Why Establish The Collective For A Stronger Society?

The Collective is founded on the belief that everyone should have access to opportunities and be able to progress with the rest of society.

Lower-income families face many complex challenges and require strong support from the community.

Key Objectives Of The Collective

New Project

Empower donors for social change

Enable donors – including individuals, family offices and companies – to better understand the needs of those who live on less, contribute resources to help meet those needs and drive positive social change.

Build a caring community

Foster a collaborative network of evidence-informed changemakers who will work together to implement targeted programmes to uplift lower-income families.

Provide support to those who need it

Help address the many
inter-connected needs of
lower-income families.

Foster collaboration for a stronger society

Strengthen the social compact and complement Government initiatives to build a more united, inclusive and stronger society.

How Can You Be Part Of The Collective?

New Project

Donate Funds

Share Knowledge

Be A Mentor


Provide an Event Venue

Provide Job or Internship Opportunities

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