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National Awards COVID-19 Investee: Celebrating outstanding achievements during the pandemic.

CFS Receives National Award – COVID-19 Resilience Certificate

CFS has been awarded the COVID-19 Resilience Certificate, which recognises the contributions of organisations that played a vital role in addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19. Our CEO, Catherine Loh, received the award at the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Family National Day COVID-19 Investiture on October 10, 2023.How We Pooled Resources for SingaporeAs COVID-19 cases began to rise in February 2020, a member of the CFS board was deeply disturbed by rep
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新保集团推出300万元基金 助医疗行政人员职业发展

新保集团和ACE团队基金会启动一项300万元的基金,促进 新保集团医疗行政人员的职业发 展,除了培养专业技能,也让他 们有机会到海外进行交流和学术研讨。 这项医疗行政人员发展基金(Healthcare Administrators Fund)是首次针对新保集团医疗行政人员而设的基金,由新保集团和ACE团队基金会(ACE Team Foundation)分别贡献150万元。  Read Next 新保集团旗下
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5 Critical gaps in caring for vulnerable seniors in Singapore

Singapore is fast reaching superaged status. Life expectancy is going up while the birth rate is heading south. By 2030 – not many years from where we are today – one in four Singaporeans will be 65 years or older. More worryingly, a fifth of that cohort will be over 80 (Population in Brief 2021). Ageing well and quality of life are huge concerns for our elderly. The biggest challenges centre on health: physical frailty or disability, sensory impairment such as hearing loss
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Here’s how you can help the people of Ukraine – Ways to donate

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is triggering what the United Nations fears could be Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century. More than 2 million people, out of a nation of 44 million, have fled to neighbouring countries since the conflict began.  The human cost of the war is alarming and rising by the day. Hundreds of lives have been lost, and thousands of families have been displaced.   Read Next Global charities urgently call for funds to ramp u
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#MyGivingJourney X Ravina Kirpalani: Taking family philanthropy to new heights

CFS launched the #MyGivingJourney series, which features extraordinary women in Singapore and their efforts in philanthropy. Our second story features Ravina Kirpalani, Head of Philanthropy at the Enpee Group Foundation, board member of Beyond Social Services and volunteer at HCA Hospice Care. Mention hospice and most people picture the atmosphere to be heavy or depressing. Instead, it is the exact opposite, says Ravina Kirpalani. Ravina has been volunteering at HC
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How Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) present an innovative and structured solution to Singapore’s philanthropic landscape

A history of giving in Singapore and its philanthropic landscapePhilanthropy has seen an evolution over the years, which saw a corresponding increase in family support services due to the development of more HDBs to house our growing population. Read Next As the philanthropic landscape developed and progressed, there was a more targeted response in the 90s by philanthropists seeking to fill in the gaps in philanthropy and wanting to have more
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CFS’s Lala Café Series: Befriending Stress

CFS’s Lala Café is an employee engagement series for everyone at CFS to learn, socialise and rejuvenate.For the October edition of LaLa Café, we had the pleasure of having Chai Lee Fong, a consultant at Lifeskills Institute, Joyce Tan, a clinical dietitian, and Liew Wei Yong, a fitness coach to share with us practical tips and advice on how to “Befriend Stress & Build Cognitive Fitness Through Diet and Strength”. Read Next Lee Fong first led us th
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Over $9 million raised for CFS’s Sayang Sayang Fund benefitting over 130,000 beneficiaries

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) launched the Sayang Sayang Fund (SSF) in Feb 2020 as an emergency response fund, aimed to benefit Singapore’s underserved communities impacted by COVID-19.As a result of the keen generosity from Singapore’s general public, over $9 million had been raised, enabling the SSF to expand its scope to support nine initiatives to ensure that the most vulnerable in Singapore’s communities did not fall through the cracks. This was made po
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随着出生率不断下降和人口老龄化,慈善事业下来可更专注在老人方面。新加坡社区基金会(The Community Foundation of Singapore,简称CFS)总裁罗佩仪告诉《联合早报》,政府虽然负责照顾老人的基本需求,但公众可协助提升老人的生活素质,维护他们尊严,让他们在暮年,可以过得更有意义和活跃。 Read Next “在教育方面,除了孩童和青少年,受日新月异的科技影响、
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The Community Foundation of Singapore spreads greater love through effective use of charitable gifts

Catherine Loh, the CEO of the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), recently spoke to Lianhe Zaobao to share more about the work the organisation is doing. CFS has over 13 years of expertise in philanthropy advisory, fund administration and grantmaking and has been recognised for its commitment to transparency and governance. Hence donors can be confident that their grants will help meet the evolving needs of the community – now and into the future.  As shared by Ms Cath
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