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Improving The Well-Being Of Seniors And Help Them Live Well, Age Well

We all want to live well, especially as we grow older. Being healthy, happy and having friends for support are essential for our physical and emotional well-being as we age. To make this a reality for seniors, FUN! Fund pilots creative ideas that empower Singaporeans to age well, stay socially connected, and enjoy life as they get older. 

Combating Senior Loneliness: Enhancing Quality of Life 

Research indicates that seniors who perceive themselves as lonely tend to have shorter lifespans and experience a poorer quality of life. 

The available range of activities for older people in the community is limited, leaving many seniors feeling isolated and unfulfilled. Caregivers of seniors often find themselves juggling work and family responsibilities on top of caring for their elderly loved ones. This has led to a concerning rise in cases of caregiver burnout and psychological distress, affecting both caregivers and seniors alike. 

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What Is FUN! Fund?

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) in collaboration with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has introduced the FUN! Fund, a community impact initiative dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our seniors, helping them live well and age well by pioneering innovative methods of engagement. 

FUN! Fund aims to build the capacity of social organisations and their staff to create stimulating and engaging activities that appeal to seniors. The element of ‘fun’ is integrated into these programmes to enrich the lives of seniors and encourage them to try new things, stay curious and be explorative.  

FUN! Fund will develop a playbook and host post-learning workshops to educate social organisations in Singapore about the significance and effectiveness of infusing fun into their programmes. 

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Applying For Our Grant Now

If you have an idea or a proposal to help seniors live well and age well, apply for a grant. The grant call extends from 4 November 2022 to 31 March 2023.

For More Information

  • Fact Sheet about FUN! Fund

    All the information you need about the FUN! Fund in one place.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    If you still have questions, these answers might help
1. The evaluation of FUN! Fund grant applications will focus on: 
  • New and innovative ideas: Fresh and creative ways of engaging seniors. 
  • The fun element: Fun programmes that motivate seniors to participate. 
  • Impact: Benefits seniors using the 5 Ways to Well-Being framework that encourages seniors to Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. 
  • Scalability and sustainability: Programmes that can be sustained and replicated by different organisations, and build staff/volunteer capability. 
2. Grant applications are submitted online. Refer to the Submittable User Guide to find out how to set up an account and apply for FUN! Fund. 

3. Review the Terms and Conditions before accepting a grant from FUN! Fund.

4. Successful grant applicants are required to use the designated measurement tool to track and evaluate the impact of their programmes on seniors. AIC and CFS are developing a framework to evaluate fun programmes with reference to the Five Ways to Well-being and will share the measurement tool with applicants upon successful grant application. 

Contact details for Community Care Partners: 

For any enquiries, please contact your AIC Account Manager or email FUN! Fund Secretariat at ncp@aic.sg. 


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Focus On An Underserved Issue

Present evidence of a problem, opportunity or gap in the target community that is unmet or not being adequately met. Substantiate your cause with data from media articles, research, academic papers and other resources.

Offer Solutions

Articulate how your programme will resolve, improve or mitigate the identified issue, by citing research or other practices that have influenced your approach.

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Elaborate on how your intervention contributes to a more positive situation through at least one quantifiable outcome.

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