September 2022

a cover of cfs annual report 2022

Our Annual Report 2022 is now available for download

We are proud to announce that the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) Annual Report 2022 has been published. Download your copy here to learn more about the year’s highlights and our impact on the community. Read Next Amid continued disruption from COVID-19 and the uneven recovery that followed, we took transformative action to push forward with our donors, charities and partners. We saw a record number of new funds and unprecedented donor generosity.
a person teaching a group of children

Accessing Quality Education: Beyond the Classroom Walls

The education of a generation is an extensive and complex undertaking.Consider the span of time it takes to bring a single individual from nursery and preschool, through the primary and secondary school levels to the various branches of tertiary education. This journey could range from at least 12 years to almost three decades for the dedicated academic. Read Next Keep in mind the need to cater to the individual’s development along the entire stretch in ter
a group of people sitting on the floor

How philanthropy can help tackle gender-based online harms

Technology and the Internet have made our lives better in many ways. But they are also facilitating an alarming increase in online abuse, particularly of young women. There is upskirting, where the perpetrator takes intrusive photos or videos up someone’s skirt without their permission. There is revenge porn, where explicit photos or videos of a person are posted on the Internet, typically by a former sexual partner.With the ubiquity of social media, there is flaming (insulti
a group of vegetables in green bags

How much does a Singapore household need for a basic standard of living?

In a study of household budgets by Dr Ng Kok Hoe (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy), A/P Teo Youyenn (Nanyang Technological University), Dr Neo Yu Wei (National University of Singapore), Dr Ad Maulod (Duke-NUS), Dr Stephanie Chok and Wong Yee Lok (LKYSPP), a basic standard of living means “…more than just, housing, food, and clothing. It is about having opportunities to education, employment, and work-life balance, as well as access to healthcare. It enables a sense of
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