November 2021

an old lady smiling in front of a tree

Giving mental health a boost – why it matters

When the pandemic hit, seemingly overnight, daily routines and livelihoods were forever changed. Children could no longer play outdoors; youths saw lost time with friends, school, graduations and more; while adults straddle an ever-changing array of challenges – from coping with loss of work to additional care-giving duties.  Read Next
stressed woman with files and laptop

CFS’s Lala Café Series: Befriending Stress

CFS’s Lala Café is an employee engagement series for everyone at CFS to learn, socialise and rejuvenate.For the October edition of LaLa Café, we had the pleasure of having Chai Lee Fong, a consultant at Lifeskills Institute, Joyce Tan, a clinical dietitian, and Liew Wei Yong, a fitness coach to share with us practical tips and advice on how to “Befriend Stress & Build Cognitive Fitness Through Diet and Strength”. Read Next Lee Fong first led us th
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