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Set up during the covid-19 pandemic, Sayang Sayang Fund raised $9.7m over three years, supporting over 400,000 lives
应疫情设立 Sayang Sayang基金三年筹970万元惠及40万人

Established in 2020 as an emergency response fund during the covid-19 pandemic, the Sayang Sayang Fund (SSF) raised $9,700,000 in three years, supporting over 276 organisations and touching over 401,000 lives. 互助团体Mum’s Collective主办康乐与交流活动,旨在为低收入家庭的母亲建立支援网络,去年获得Sayang Sayang基金的部分资助。(中南社区家庭服务中心提供) Established in 2020 as an emergency r
Book by Adrian Tan, with the title 'If I were King of Singapore'

Posts of the late former Law Society President Adrian Tan has been published as a book
律师公会已故前会长陈锦海 曾发表贴文已结集成书

LinkedIn posts by the late Mr Adrian Tan have recently been compiled and published as a book, titled “If I were King of Singapore”. All proceeds from the book will go to the Adrian Tan Memorial Fund, which is set up by Mrs Adrian Tan and managed by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS). This fund focuses on two primary causes that are close to Adrian’s heart: ensuring marginalised communities have access to legal services through Pro Bono SG and advocating the welfare of migrant wo

Donations to CFS increased by 60% over the past two years
新加坡社区基金会 两年多善款增六成

Over two years, the number of Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) managed by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) has increased from 162 to 235, and total donations received since inception has risen from $192 million to $311 million. As of 31 December 2023, CFS has disbursed over $169 million in grants, a big jump from the $114 million disbursed as of 31 March 2021.  Speaking to Zaobao, CEO Ms Catherine Loh, shared that one reason for the significant increase in donations was due to a few large
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The Community Foundation of Singapore Wins Charity Transparency Award 2023

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) has once again proven its firm commitment to transparency and governance by clinching the prestigious Charity Transparency Award 2023. This marks the third consecutive year that CFS has been honoured with this accolade.The Charity Transparency Award, an initiative of the Charity Council, recognises organisations that have embraced and implemented exemplary transparency and governance practices. More than just recognition, it serves as
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Make Your Donations More Impactful

Donating to a worthy cause seems easy. Many people simply give to a charity that asks, give where they gave before or talk with friends. By being more strategic with your money, though, you can make sure your donation has more impact, regardless of whether it is small or large.Strategic GivingIt is indeed easy to give to charities that you know or that friends recommend. Ad hoc donations without doing a bit of research and deciding on your strategic purpose may, though, have le
National Awards COVID-19 Investee: Celebrating outstanding achievements during the pandemic.

CFS Receives National Award – COVID-19 Resilience Certificate

CFS has been awarded the COVID-19 Resilience Certificate, which recognises the contributions of organisations that played a vital role in addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19. Our CEO, Catherine Loh, received the award at the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Family National Day COVID-19 Investiture on October 10, 2023.How We Pooled Resources for SingaporeAs COVID-19 cases began to rise in February 2020, a member of the CFS board was deeply disturbed by rep
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New office for S’poreans to partner the Government and give ideas

CFS is pleased to be a part of Forward SG, as we build our shared future, together.We know that collective effort – through financial support, knowledge-sharing, and community collaboration – is the bedrock of a stronger, more inclusive society. Read Next As part of the Forward SG movement, CFS will rev up our mission to forge stronger connections between generous donors and local communities, inspiring those who’ve thrived to give back, create a positi
An image capturing a lively game of dominoes being played by a group of individuals, highlighting their enjoyment and competitive spirit.

约230名年长者参加益智桌游赛 用颜色与数字一较高下

A Rummikub competition was held on 20th September at Heartbeat@Bedok, bringing together participants from 20 Active Ageing Centres. Rummikub, also known as “Israeli Mahjong,” is a cognitive tabletop game. The competition was organised by City Harvest Community Services Association and received support from FUN! Fund, a Community Impact Fund jointly established by the Community Foundation of Singapore and the Agency for Integrated Care, with the aim of addressing social is
Two female individuals can be seen in the picture, both dressed in red shirts and holding a volleyball ball.

Trina Liang-Lin takes over as Netball Singapore chief, pledges to bring in more financial support

CFS’s Board Director, Trina Liang-Lin, is the new President of Netball Singapore. She highlights the need to address the underrepresentation of sports in philanthropic efforts and aims to change this trend by amplifying the core values of sports. Contact us to learn more on how you can support Singapore’s sports communities.Sporting bodies are usually not beneficiaries of philanthropic groups, but Netball Singapore’s new president Trina Liang-Lin hopes that will change
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新保集团推出300万元基金 助医疗行政人员职业发展

新保集团和ACE团队基金会启动一项300万元的基金,促进 新保集团医疗行政人员的职业发 展,除了培养专业技能,也让他 们有机会到海外进行交流和学术研讨。 这项医疗行政人员发展基金(Healthcare Administrators Fund)是首次针对新保集团医疗行政人员而设的基金,由新保集团和ACE团队基金会(ACE Team Foundation)分别贡献150万元。  Read Next 新保集团旗下
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