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Celebrating Women In Philanthropy

women in philanthropy

Recognising Inspiring Changemakers This International Women's Day

Women Making Extraordinary Impact

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to celebrate the many strides forward women have made. But we are a long way from gender parity and unfortunately, the pandemic of the past two years has been harder on women. Women, more than men, have tended to downshift their careers or leave the workforce entirely while working women with families have had to shoulder more domestic demands.

March 8 is a timely opportunity to encourage everyone to pull together and work towards dismantling these gender barriers. This year’s IWD2022 theme is #BreakTheBias. Deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it hard for women to move ahead. Awareness is an important step. Action is the next. Support a female-focused charity or embark on your own giving journey, as these inspiring women in Singapore have done.

#MyGivingJourney by CFS shines the spotlight on women who are giving back – through time, talent or money – towards a range of causes, which includes efforts to improve inclusivity, uplift women and their families and combat gender injustice.

Read about Corinna Lim, who went from legal advocate to Singapore’s leading advocate for gender equality. Or millennial Member of Parliament Nadia Ahmad Samdin, who has long championed causes that support women and at-risk youths.

Then there are women who lend their formidable experience and expertise to social services that help needy families, such as Hauw Soo Hoon and Jeya Ayadurai. Or female philanthropists who generously support multiple causes, by setting up foundations or donor-advised funds with CFS, such as Stefanie Yuen Thio, Trina Liang-Lin and Ravina Kirpalani.

Be inspired too by Ivy Tse and Jenny Wah, who left corporate careers for nonprofits to do work that creates positive change. Discover the varied giving journeys of these female changemakers and learn about the many ways CFS is enabling philanthropy and making it more impactful.

To get started on your giving journey, please click here.


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