May 2023

Four people in green shirts working on soil in a gardening project.

Four critical gaps in improving employability for all

A person in a wheelchair with much to give. A stay-at-home mum who misses working. An ex-offender who yearns for a second chance. A senior forced to retire early. These are some examples of people who want to work. They believe they can contribute to society. They also deserve the basic right to work and should not be denied from doing so.Yet, many of them face difficulties in securing decent jobs. In recent years, the gig economy opened up opportunities for individuals facing
A woman diligently operating a computer amidst the bustling environment of a factory, focused on her tasks.

Tertiary-educated adults with autism receive training for jobs in engineering sector

Tertiary-educated adults with autism are being trained and placed in jobs in the engineering sector under a new programme by research and technology non-profit organisation Trampolene.The Gates (Growing Autistic Talent for Engineering Sector) programme was started in May 2022, after research showed that people with autism have one of the lowest employment rates among people with disabilities. Read Next Those with tertiary qualifications also face underemploym
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