February 2023

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Budget 2023: Govt to extend 250% tax deduction for donations until 2026

Singapore will extend its tax deduction rate for donations for another three years until the end of 2026, as part of efforts to foster and sustain a spirit of giving.Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong said on Tuesday that this will be done although the tax deduction for donations at 250 per cent is already very high compared with other jurisdictions. Read Next The Government will review thereafter what would be a more sustainable level
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Helping Earthquake Victims in Türkiye and Syria: Ways to Donate

The earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023 has become one of the top 10 deadliest earthquakes ever. Over 41,0001 people have been killed (as of 15 February), a death toll the United Nations expects will eventually exceed 50,0002. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred near the border of the two countries. Since then, more than 2,000 aftershocks have pummelled the devastated region.The widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure has left millions of p
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CFS Chairperson receives National Award for COVID-19 – The Public Service Medal

The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is honoured to announce that our Chairperson, Ms. Christine Ong, has received the National Awards (COVID-19) under the category of The Public Service Medal (COVID-19). This award recognises the Chairperson’s leadership and CFS’s efforts to serve the Singapore community during the pandemic.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CFS has provided assistance to those in need through the distribution of grants to individuals and organisations
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