November 2022

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CFS wins Charity Transparency Award for the second time

It is important that we continue to work together to foster a safe giving environment for Singaporeans, so that we can support the causes we believe in. So that Singaporeans can step forward to support the causes that they believe in with a peace of mind. Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law For the second time, the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) is greatly honoured to have won the
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“最后一桶金”规划新现象 别让财富添乱使尽不留遗产

这些年来越来越多人把部分遗产捐给慈善,甚至出现鼓吹“现在就花掉孩子遗产”的SKIN(Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance Now的缩略语)“使尽”现象。世界首富之一比尔·盖茨多次承诺,把1130亿美元(约1595亿新元)财产几乎全捐给慈善,三个孩子各获1000万美元;他坚信留大笔钱给孩子绝对不是好事。 Read Next 沃伦·巴菲特则宣布,一分也不留给三个孩子,
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$1.35M Fund Set Up For Community Care Groups To Develop Fun Activities For Seniors

Seniors can look forward to more activities to ease their loneliness and social isolation, thanks to a new $1.35 million fund that community care organisations can tap.At the launch of the fund on Friday at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) chief executive Tan Kwang Cheak said social isolation among the elderly is a key concern as it is linked with poor physical and mental health. Read Next “The current funding for the c
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护联中心新设135万元基金 打造更“好玩”乐龄护理

如何鼓励年长者更积极地投入社交,活出精彩的老年生活?护联中心推出新的135万元基金“FUN! Fund”,鼓励业者把“好玩”融入乐龄护理计划。配合11月1日的社区护理日,护联中心星期五(11月4日)举办社区护理领导系列,并在活动宣布推出新基金。 Read Next “FUN! Fund”由护联中心和新加坡社区基金会联合成立,致力于改善乐龄人士所面对的社交孤
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Accessing Quality Education: A Boost for the Last Leg

As a follow-up to our last story, we now take a look at children as the next generation, and how we can empower them through philanthropy to be further educated.Education is the great equaliser, as the old adage goes. Coined by American public education pioneer Horace Mann in 1848, education was seen as the tool for the disadvantaged to basically find better jobs and lift themselves out of poverty. For the last almost 200 years, that has remained largely true. Read Nex
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