December 2020

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Dipa Swaminathan on what we can each do for Singapore’s migrant workers

Dipa Swaminathan is a force of nature. At 49, the Harvard-educated lawyer is an assistant general counsel for SingTel and the founder of ItsRainingRaincoats, an organisation created in 2015 to support migrant workers in Singapore and champion their cause. As the recipient of the President’s Award for philanthropy and volunteerism in 2017, Swaminathan knows a thing or two about advocating for a marginalised group—in particular, one that has built our nation from the ground u
Greater Gift Everyone Can Leave A Legacy

Money Mind – Leaving A Legacy

How can you leave your mark on the world and make an impact on the lives of others?LISTEN: Catherine Loh, CEO, Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS); lawyer and CFS ambassador, Nadia Ahmad SamdinMoney Mind, weekdays 10am to 2pm on #CNA938. Read Next Speaking after the association’s annual general meeting at Kallang Netball Centre on Friday, Liang-Lin, a fund manager for a US$7 billion (S$9.5 billion) firm focused on green real estate investments in Asia,
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Where there’s a will, there’s a way … to give a legacy

Where there’s a will, there’s a way … to give a legacy.(Adapted from opening remarks at a Community Foundation of Singapore-LSPBS “Legacy Giving” Webinar on 1 September 2020.)Legacy giving is one of the best kept secrets in town. For many years now, I’ve often wondered why more charities had not jumped on the bandwagon of legacy giving. Why aren’t charities proactive in encouraging individual donors to give legacies whether via wills, CPF nominations, or even insu
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The Community Foundation of Singapore: Philanthropy, legacy giving; doing good and how to get involved

Through legacy giving, making a profound lasting change to people’s lives might be easier than you thinkDr Lim Boon Tiong had a long and distinguished career as a doctor, and it shaped his interest in helping the elderly and those suffering from urological conditions. So devoted was he to his causes that he set aside S$24m along with a list of charities he wanted to help. And when Dr Lim passed on, his daughters Sylvia and Ivy Lim had to execute his will.
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Lien Ber Luen on legacy giving and the Lien Shih Sheng Foundation

Lien Shih Sheng, a decorated public servant, an editor and author of famous literary works such as ‘Letters from the Coast’ and ‘For the New Youth’, was a firm believer in education as a social leveler, as well as an advocate of arts and social causes. To continue his distinguished legacy, his grandson Lien Ber Luen set up the Lien Shih Sheng Foundation with CFS to provide assistance to financially disadvantaged students in the form of scholarships and bursaries.Hear wh
A call for collaborative giving: Join hands to make a difference. Together, let's create positive change through collective generosity. #CollaborativeGiving

A Call for Collaborative Giving: Scaling Greater Heights with Seniors

The third Colabs publication explores how we as individuals and as a society can help our senior citizens live more happily in our community, against the backdrop of an aging population. The collective insights of 98 participants identified various issues such as the generational gap and lack of purpose. In collaborative discussions on the way forward, one key point was to involve seniors from the very beginning, to improve their ownership and adoption of the solutions. Read mo
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