September 2020

A woman gracefully plays the violin, showcasing her talent, dressed in a captivating blue gown.

2020 Goh Soon Tioe Centenary Award winner Natalie Koh: A talented musician with a heart for children with special needs

Natalie’s first steps towards becoming a professional musician weren’t the easiest. Although she began learning violin at the tender age of five at her mother’s behest, Natalie barely passed her ABRSM exams in the fledgling years of learning the instrument. Nevertheless, it was her love for classical music and the violin that allowed her to persevere in her music-learning journey.It was in her secondary and junior college years that she started developing a more well-roun
The breakfast huddle with Catherine Loh: A group of individuals gathered around a table, engaged in a morning discussion.

Start a donor-advised fund: plan your giving flexibly and sustainably

CEO Catherine Loh goes on Money FM 89.3 to speak about the donor-advised funds.Elliott Danker: Funds such as DAFs are especially needed during the current COVID-19 pandemic because that’s where you have more people in need. Many charities have shared that donations have been falling. Read Next Manisha Tank: A DAF allows donors to give in a more informed, structured and sustained manner over time. As of March 2020, there are 143 DAFs
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