August 2020

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Charitable funds boost donations in a tough year for giving

SINGAPORE – More wealthy people are setting up charitable funds that give at least six-figure sums to their chosen causes.There were 143 donor-advised funds set up with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), disbursing $20.2 million to charitable causes in the non-profit organisation’s financial year that ended in March. Read Next This is double the 70 funds giving out $11.7 million in the financial year that ended in March 2015.Donors pledge at lea
Elderly man lying on grass with sign.

Pragmatic reasons to engage In philanthropy

Educator George Jacobs became involved in philanthropy because he wanted to put his money where his mouth is. As someone who feels strongly about contributing to greater food security in Singapore, the passionate advocate for a vegan lifestyle established the Relaxed Fund to promote horticulture in the little red dot.“My wife and I wanted to encourage people to eat more plant-based foods, as these foods boost human health and address global warming issues. One way to convince
Two musicians, a man and a woman, engrossed in playing the violin and guitar.

The Goh Soon Tioe Centenary Award: Creating opportunities for future generations of musicians

An accomplished violinist, conductor and impresario, Goh Soon Tioe was one of the greatest pioneers of Western classical music in post war Singapore and among the country’s earliest music teachers. A prodigious student of Spanish classical guitarist Andres Segovia, Goh taught a generation of musicians who went on to become established figures in Singapore’s music scene. Some of them include household names such as singer-songwriter Dick Lee, and National University of Sing
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