June 2020

Many pedestrians walking on a bustling city street, surrounded by tall buildings and bustling activity.

S’poreans donated $90m in first five months of 2020, equal to whole of last year’s donations

SINGAPORE – Singaporeans have stepped up to help those in need and those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.From January to May this year, $90 million was donated to the Community Chest, the Community Foundation of Singapore’s Sayang Sayang Fund which was set up in February, and through online donation platform Giving.sg. Read Next This amount was about equal to the overall donations received by the Community Chest and Giving.sg throughout the entire
Group of individuals in front of warehouse with boxes.

The REDAS Solidarity Project Fund: Caring for migrant workers affected by COVID-19

Among the vulnerable communities in Singapore impacted by COVID-19, it is the community of migrant workers who have toiled invisibly to help build our nation that has been very heavily affected. Infection amongst their community has been widespread, and a large number of them are confined to their dormitories, unable to leave.It is thus very encouraging that the Singapore government and many other organisations have stepped up to give assistance and support to them in their iso
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