November 2018

A gathering of individuals seated at tables within a room, engaged in conversation and activities.

Colabs launches Seniors series to tackle the question ‘How can our seniors live more happily in the community?’

In October 2018, 55 representatives from the government, corporate and non-profit sectors together with a group of senior citizens, gathered to deliberate the answers to one question: How can our seniors live more happily in the community? For everyone in the room, the inaugural session of Seniors Colabs marked the start of a new collaborative journey, with participants expected to meet regularly over a six-month period to share knowledge, build insights and find practical
A group of people smiling and posing for a photo in front of a sign that reads "Happy Human."

Visit by Moscow-based non-profit organisations

A Russian delegation comprising heads of various non-profit organisations and foundations recently visited the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) as part of a study trip organised by the NGOs Resource Centre of the City of Moscow.The group’s main purpose was to meet with local non-profit organisations, exchange views and experiences as well as understand the impact the non-profit sector has on Singapore’s sustainability and quality of life. Read Next
Children sitting in a circle, engrossed in a book, fostering a love for reading and learning together.

Reading Odyssey – Building confidence and motivation through reading

With recent changes to school-based assessments in primary schools, Singapore’s education system is looking beyond mere academic results to appreciate the importance of the joy of learning. In this vein, Reading Odyssey – a community-based project by Educational Psychology Service, SHINE Children & Youth Services – has been empowering disadvantaged children to enjoy reading with meaning, knowledge and understanding via this novel programme since 2013.Supported by mult
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