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About Centre For Applied Philanthropy

Why Centre For Applied Philanthropy?

Social issues are becoming increasingly complex, and donors’ expectations have risen. The Centre for Applied Philanthropy aims to convene and lead charity partners, donors, and other like-minded parties on collaborative initiatives to co-create innovative solutions to drive social impact. 

The Centre for Applied Philanthropy believes in building trust and aligning values amongst all stakeholders.

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What Is The Centre For Applied Philanthropy?

The Centre for Applied Philanthropy is a business unit within CFS that leads philanthropic innovation and guides donors in strategic philanthropy. 

The Centre for Applied Philanthropy drives philanthropic impact in Singapore by spearheading novel approaches in collective giving. This includes our Community Impact Funds, which allow individuals to pool donations for greater effect. We further enhance impact by offering bespoke advisory services, underpinned by a data-driven, evidence-based approach to philanthropy. 

Additionally, we provide measurement tools to assess impact, refine philanthropic strategies and maximise social transformation. 

Three Focus Areas

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